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What we do: 

A TWIC card is a biometric identification card issued by the TSA and overseen by the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG). For more information regarding the TWIC card or the TWIC program, please see the following hyperlink below for more information.

Transportation Workers Identification Credential (TWIC®)

What is a TWIC Card:

What is a TWIC Escort

A TWIC escort can be defined as an individual in the possession of a valid TWIC card and Georgia Ports Authority credential and who is also registered as a TWIC escort with Georgia Ports Authority Port Police. A TWIC escort is an individual that accompanies another individual not in the possession of a valid TWIC card and Georgia Ports Authority port credential while inside Georgia Ports Authority property. A TWIC Escort only accompanies the individual and only acts as his/her credential while inside Georgia Ports Authority property. If an incident arises, such as but not limited to the individual loosing contact with his or her escort or the escorted individual is involved in a suspicious activity, the escort is obligated to contact Georgia Ports Authority Port Police and notify them of the individuals location and activity. The escort is not defined by either Port Police or 33 CFR Part 101 as an armed or unarmed facility security officer and as such is not under the same legal obligations.

Who we are:

We are an organization which provides what is known as TWIC escorts for business professionals, truck drivers, and others needing temporary access to Georgia Ports Authority. We have been in business since the summer of 2011 and have had clients ranging from single drivers running their own business to some of the largest trucking companies in the US, foreign dignitaries, international logistics and fortune 500 companies. To date, we are the most professional TWIC escorting company in the southeast and are the go-to business for companies requiring large scale project escorts. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers and to help get them in and out of the port so that they can be on their way to their next destination!


Under supervision of a managing TWIC escort, provide TWIC escorts to clients at Garden City and Ocean Terminal at Georgia Ports Authority. This position is a 1099 contract position. 

Job skills and responsibilities:

    1. Ability to work a flexible schedule during regular port hours and or nights and weekends for special projects when approved by Georgia               Ports Authority for certain customers. 
    2. Ability to communicate effectively with others both orally and in writing.
    3. Ability to walk and climb stairs. 
    4. Ability to walk extended periods of time. 
    5. Ability to comprehend numerous policies, procedures, concepts, and be able to respond using discretion and interpretive judgment based         on general and specific policies. 
    6. Ability to retain knowledge, information, and directions on an ongoing basis and communicate effectively with others. 
    7. Ability to maintain accurate records. 
    8. Ability to react appropriately in emergency situations. 
    9. Knowledge of geography of the site to which assigned. 
    10. Ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide, general knowledge of percentages and ability to utilize a formula to calculate a rate.

Other Job Responsibilities:

    1. Must be available to work a varied flexible schedule based on client calls requesting TWIC escorts. Note: you must provide your schedule         based on client calls.
    2. Watches for irregularities, such as suspicious behaviors or person or persons being escorted & reports all suspicious behavior or                     separation from person (s) escorted to (1) Port Police and (2) H&M Port Security Escort Services manager per CFR.    
    3. Remain alert and aware for the duration of each TWIC escort.
    4. Assist the person(s) being escorted by guiding them through the port process, and helping them to locate their pick-up & delivery location           as assigned by Georgia Ports Authority.
    5. Fills out GPA Escort Agreement with client and H&M Port Security Escort Services, LLC waiver for each individual.
    6. Inform clients of general port facility rules such as but not limited to the ones listed on GPA escort agreement.

Required competencies and other job requirements:

    1. Must be at least 18 years of age or older. 
    2. Must have a high school diploma or GED. 
    3. He/she must be customer service oriented. 

    4. Must be willing to consent to a background check.
    5. He/she must maintain a professional appearance and dress code at all times with a client.  
    6. The successful candidate must have an affinity and close attention to detail. 
    7. Must have a reliable means of transportation and a smart phone.
    8. Must be able to obtain a background check from a local police department and be able to pass a federal background check to obtain a               TWIC card. 
    9. He/she must embody H&M Port Security Escort Services, LLC values as a highly visible representative of the company and set high                 standards for him/her and others. 

At H&M Port Security Escort Services, LLC, safety is our number one priority; and as such, we requests that each of our TWIC escorts purchase or obtain a minimum of two safety vests, a pair of steel toe shoes, and two hard hats (per Georgia Ports Authority facility regulations). Loaner vests, safety glasses and hard hats are available. Each TWIC escort must also attend a facility security awareness training session (approved by Port Police) and hosted by one of our managers before being allowed to escort per our company’s regulations. To date, we have had zero incidents (safety, or otherwise). We have also been asked by Georgia Ports Authority Port Police, to help them develop a comprehensive TWIC escort training course to be used to certify all other TWIC escort companies that do business at Georgia Ports Authority (TBA). Our company also provides complementary safety equipment for our clients for the duration of their visit. If multiple people will be requiring escorted access, advance notice is requested.

Our History:

What TWIC escorts do not do:

H&M Port Security Escort Services, LLC 


PO Box 60035
Savannah GA, 31420

A TWIC escort does not under any circumstances operate or perform any physical labor/maintenance on any machinery or vehicles at all (other than his/her own vehicle which must be properly insured through their insurance company as defined by Georgia Ports Authority Port Police and H&M Port Security Escort Services, LLC). TWIC escorts are unarmed, and carry no weapons. A TWIC escort does not generally go on any vessels. If an escort is required to go on board a docked vessel, it must be approved by the designated shipping line. The TWIC escort is then escorted onboard by an approved shipping line representative; additionally no life preservers are necessary to go aboard a docked shipping vessel. If an escort cannot or chooses not to board the docked vessel, he/she must remain in the designated parking lot or waiting area next to the gangway or loading area.

H&M Port Security Escort Services, LLC

Position will require escorts at Georgia Ports Authority and requires ability to work in a fast paced multi-faceted environment.

Job Summary:

Individuals not in the possession of a TWIC card and Georgia Ports Authority credential needing temporary access to Georgia Ports Authority and possessing a legitimate business need (as defined by the Georgia Ports Authority) requesting access to the Port of Savannah (i.e. picking up or delivering a container or other cargo, business meeting, etc.) contact us and request a TWIC escort for their drivers or employees/contractors and affiliates. We then set a date/time of the escort with the customer and meet them at a pre-designated location near or at the port to fill out paperwork for our records. The escort then rides in the escorted individual’s vehicle to the port and along with them for the duration of their visit. At the port, the escort and the escorted individual fill out an escort agreement for Georgia Ports Authority and then proceed into the port with the escorted individual(s). Note: there are special circumstances which require a two vehicle escort, such as but not limited to the individual(s) delivering the vehicle in which they are riding in or picking up. The escorted individual is required by Georgia Ports Authority Port Police to follow the TWIC escort in their personal vehicle to satisfy the visual sight regulation per the Code of Federal Regulations. The escort procedures are the same except instead of one vehicle, there are two.

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H&M Port Security Escort Services, LLC was founded in the summer of 2011 by Matthew Holloway (a current Georgia Institute of Technology Senior in Mechanical Engineering) and Nicholas Moler (a student of Savannah Technical College, and a graduate of Computer Support Technology). We place a preference on hiring disabled veterans (or any veteran in general) as well as college students. While we are still a young company, we have proven that we can accomplish our goals and what we set out to do. Our company stands out from others because we have the knowledge, passion and drive to do what is right and help our customers in any way that we can. We have a keen eye to details and safety and are always looking for ways to better our business and better serve our customers. 

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